Fairy Pokemon
Number 209
Type Fairy
Abilities Intimidate

Run Away Rattled (Hidden)

Height 2'0" 0.6m
Weight 17.2 lbs. 7.8 kg
Leveling rate Fast
EV yield +1 Atk
Snubbull is a Fairy type. Evolves into Granbull at level 23.

Snubbull is a pink, bipedal, bulldog-like Pokémon with blue polka dots covering its body. It has loose skin that drapes to cover the lower part of its body, giving it the appearance of a dress. There is a small, blue ruff around its neck. Its face has a pronounced underbite, two earflaps that are flat, curved, and tipped with black, and a small, shiny black nose. Despite its underbite, it has strong jaws. Its feet are beige with three toes and a circular pink paw pad, while its arms are short and stubby.


Trainer's Valley Land M-D F2P
Route 38 Land M-D F2P
Route 35 Land M-D F2P
Route 30 Land N F2P
Route 2 Land N
Leev Town Port Land All Day F2P
Hoenn Safari Area 5 Land All Day F2P

Leveling Moves

Level Move Type Cat PWR ACC PP
Start Ice Fang Ice Physical 65 95% 15
Start Fire Fang Fire Physical 65 95% 15
Start Thunder Fang Electric Physical 65 95% 15
Start Tackle Normal Physical 50 100% 35
7 Bite Dark Physical 60 100% 25
13 Lick Ghost Physical 30 100% 30
25 Roar Normal Status - - 20
31 Rage Normal Physical 20 100% 20
37 Play Rough Fairy Physical 90 90% 10
43 Payback Dark Physical 50 100% 10
49 Crunch Dark Physical 80 100% 15


Intimidate Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Run Away Enables a sure getaway from wild Pokemon.



Some move types scare it and boost its Speed.


Small Pokémon flee from its scary face. It is, however, considered by women to be cute.