Project PRO was Started in October 2014 by the lead programmer name Shane.

Making a Best Pokemon game is a Dream of Shane. After resigning from PWO(Pokemon World Online) Shane and his old friend Nikola(ex-GM of PWO) decided to make a new game which is known as PRO.

Many old staff members from different games joined them in creating a Best Pokemon MMO ever.

Suggestions and Decisions :-

Many suggestions came which helped PRO in making it's structure. Many Players suggested there own ideas which were combined with Staff's ideas which resulted in what we see today.

Game Release Date:-

Game release was decided on selected dates many times but due to lack of funds, Time and too much bugs; release date was postponed many times. As for now release is said to be end of July 2015; Which we hope to come true.

Game-Play Testing:-

Many players declared PRO to be best Pokemon MMO in it's early developed Stage(When there was only 1 or 2 maps). Game is now open for Public Beta Testing but there are few selective players who have been given specific rights to test various features in game which no Regular players can; They are called 'Testing Team'. Does speed of Improvement Increased Dramatically. Players from Testers team changes from time to time so they can have a steady working team to test the game because of them release date doesn't seem to be far.