Pokemon Tower is located in Lavender Town.

Pokemon Tower Underground Maze.

(This guide is copied from the guide section on the PRO forum, where it was created by: FirelordSin)

NOTE: You can only pass the underground basement if you are a member, and hunt for several rare Pokemon, if you are not a member, then the whole maze will be a waste of time.

B1 - Bottom-right stairs.

B2 - Top-right stairs.

B3 - Take the teleport below the stairs, then the bottom-left corner teleport, take the stairs below.

B4 - Top-right stairs which leads to B6

B6 - Top-left stairs.

B7 - Top-right stairs.

B8 - Top-left stairs.

B9 - Take the stairs below you.

B10 - Top-right stairs which takes you back to back to B9.

B9 - Take the teleport on the right-side below the stairs.

B10 - Take the only available stairs.

B11 - Take the teleport by the top-left corner.

B12 - Learn hypnosis for 12k from the lady if you want. Otherwise, take the top-right teleport.

B13 - Bottom-middle stairs.

B14 - Top-middle stairs.

B15 - Bottom-right stairs.

B16 - Top-right stairs.

B17 - Take the middle teleport, then take the stairs.

B18 - Bottom-right stairs.

B19 - Take the teleport above the bottom-left stairs.

B20 - Snake around and take the teleport to the middle-right.

B21 - Top-right stairs which take you to B23.

B23 - Take the bottom-left stairs, going to B22.

B22 - Take the top-right teleport which takes you to B24.

B24 - Take the left-down teleport, which takes you to B29.

B29 - Talk to the man below the stairs for a 200k Litwick (if you can afford it, you rich son of a gun). If not, take the stairs in the middle.

Pokemon Tower Underground - You can pass if you're a member and hunt for several rare Pokemon.

With special thank to: FirelordSin