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Route1 map.png

Route 1 is a route in western Kanto, connecting Pallet Town and Viridian City.


Pokemon Area Daytime Rarity MS Level Item
Furret Land M/D Tier 4 No 2-6 Oran Berry
Hoothoot Land N Tier 1 No 2-6 -
Pidgey Land M/D Tier 1 No 2-6 -
Rattata Land M/D/N Tier 1 No 2-6 Rattata Hair
Sentret Land M/D Tier 2 No 2-6 Oran Berry
Shinx Land M/D/N Tier 9 Yes 2-6 -
Spinarak Land M/N Tier 2 No 2-6 -
Heracross Headbutt M/D/N - No 3-8 -
Pineco Headbutt M/D/N - No 3-8 -
Seedot Headbutt M/D/N - No 3-8 -
Slakoth Headbutt M/D/N - No 3-8 -


Youngster Bill


Bulbasaur Lv. 5

You can obtain Rattata Hairs in this route by using Covet or Steal on a wild Rattata when your Pokemon is holding nothing or by catching the Rattata. There is a 5% chance that the Rattata will be holding Rattata Hair.