The S.S. Anne (Japanese: サント・アンヌ号 St. Annu) is a well-known luxury cruise liner which sails the world, stopping annually in Vermilion City, Kanto.


  • SSAnne 1F Room7 (first room from the right in SSAnne 1F, the gym). Fresh Water from Matt.
  • SSAnne 1F Room6 (second room from the right). Chesto Berry on the table next to Lindsey.
  • SSAnne 1F Kitchen (entrance under the stairs). Great Ball in upper trash bin, Hyper Potion in lower trash bin.
  • SSAnne 2F. Leftovers in the trash bin lower right corner.
  • SSAnne 2F Room3. TM19 Seismic Toss after defeating Sailor Joey.
  • SSAnne Ballroom. Chesto Berry in the 1st green trash bin, Leppa Berry in the 3rd green trash bin, an Oran Berry in the right red trash bin upstairs. Secret Potion when talking to Blissey (The pink pokemon) that will be found on the left side on the map.
  • SSAnne 2F Ficken Room. HM01 - Cut after giving the Secret Potion to the Captain.

Trainers Basement

Room 4

Fred          Voltorb lvl 19

Room 3

Lass Jenna

Igglybuff lvl 16
Snubbull lvl 16

Room 2

Steven (Right)

Squirtle lvl 18
Steven (Mid) Charmander lvl 18
Steven (Left) Bulbasaur lvl 18

Room 1


Growlithe lvl 17
Spearow lvl 18

Trainers 1F

Room 1

Hitler Machop lvl 18
Machoke lvl 19
Machamp lvl 21

Room 2


Pidgey lvl 17

Nidoran ♀

lvl 18

Room 3

Lass Stephany Nidoran ♀ lvl 20
Nidorina lvl 22
Youngster Steve Nidoran ♂ lvl 20
Nidorino lvl 22

Room 4


Jigglypuff lvl 17
Pikachu lvl 20

Room 5 

Broheman    Rattata lvl 20
Bro Rattata lvl 20
Broseph Rattata lvl 20
Brotato Rattata lvl 20

Room 6

George       Snorlax lvl 20

Room 7

Toby Hitmonlee lvl 18
Hitmonchan lvl 18
Josh Machoke lvl 17
Machamp lvl 18
Kiroro      Machamp lvl 21
Jose Golduck lvl 17
Mankey lvl 19

Trainers 2F

Room 1

Gentleman Nick Growlithe lvl 21
Growlithe lvl 21

Room 2

Gentleman Walker

Persian lvl 20


lvl 21
Taylor Ponyta lvl 19
Nidorina lvl 20

Room 3

Sailor Austin Staryu lvl 20
Machoke lvl 23
Sailor Arthur Tentacool lvl 20
Shellder lvl 21
Krabby lvl 22
Sailor Joey Machop lvl 21
Machoke lvl 23

Room 4

Ron    Rattata lvl 21
Pidgeotto lvl 22
Pikachu lvl 23

Trainers 3F


Sam Venonat lvl 22
Rhyhorn lvl 23
Reggie Raticate lvl 21
Mankey lvl 22
Jackson (Rival) Fearow lvl 22
Nidorino lvl 24
Eevee lvl 26